Positioning for Growth

Apart from sustainability and cost, growth and expansion are issues that are perpetually on the minds of business owners. The Redwood trees (also known as the Giant Sequoias) are known to be able to reach heights of more than 100 metres and they live for more than 2000 years on average. One of the key reasons why they grow tall and live long is because of their extremely large and wide root system, that stretches over 100 miles, intertwining with the roots of other redwoods. Baby redwoods often sprout at their parents' base, latching onto their roots for nutrients.

This successful system of growth and sustainability gives us a clue into building businesses that lasts for generations. 


Scaling Up

Grow beyond your current level and/or identify new playing fields. 

Services include: Revenue management, Ideation for new products/services 


Lean and Fast

We help to manage and reduce your cost by analysing your existing cost structure. We also look into improving your processes and areas for improvement. 

Services include: Process management (reviewing existing SOPs and creating/refining SOPs)


Creating alignment

We align your internal vision and set goals to drive the success of your company. 

Services include: Refining business strategy, Aligning internal stakeholders, Setting vision, goals and creating KPIs.