Transformation Starts With YOU!

Transformation is a big word. It involves making huge changes to the lives of an individual and possibly a major change in vision and direction for organisations.

Transformation reminds me of how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly. The form, abilities, colours and appearance of a butterfly is totally different from the caterpillar. While I was at Lake Tahoe more than 3 years ago, a butterfly took refuge under my feet from the strong and chilly winds that blew into the shore towards the lake. I have never came up close with a butterfly before this and observing it from such a close angle made me appreciate its beauty even more. 

Butterfly resting between my feet - Lake Tahoe, April 2012

Butterfly resting between my feet - Lake Tahoe, April 2012


For transformation to take place, its not about fixing SOPs or changing KPIs. It has to go much deeper. It goes right to the core of your motivation, WHY do you do what you do? It is about changing your attitudes, values and beliefs.

Some of us simply existing in this world without knowing the purpose of why we live. Most of us live a life of mere existence, living from one pay-check to the next, just barely surviving. 

"The discovery of WHY completely changed my view of the world and discovering of own WHY restored my passion to a degree multiple times greater than any other time in my life." - Simon Sinek (author of "Start with Why")

Simon Sinek gives us a glimpse about the impact of discovering and knowing your WHY. Knowing WHY connects you to your core passion; with this understanding, it grants you the ability to inspire and lead your team and organisation. The world is looking for leaders and inspiration. Great organisations are successful because they have a clear vision, one that inspires action from employees and customers. 

If you are looking to grow your business or build a great legacy, why not begin by thinking about your WHY!

- Sam