Our Why

We have talked about why is it important to know your WHY. So now we would like to share about our WHY to let our customers and friends know more about us and our motivation.


"One of the things which I enjoy most in life is to spend quality time with family and close friends. Being able to work and have fun together as a family motivates me to produce my best. 

I enjoy working with people to build businesses. Nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing a business grow in strength over time. Seeing individuals and families being blessed by the fruits of their labour brings much joy to me. 

We have been created to apply our gifts and bring passion to our work. Being able to witness individuals living out their calling and purpose through their work and businesses makes all the hard work worthwhile."


"I seek to be a blessing to my family, friends and business partners. In applying my experience and gifts to help individuals and businesses, I believe they are able to gain insight in the clarification of their purpose and direction. I also enjoying helping business owners find passion in the mundane by infusing a touch of creativity into their operations. 

It brings much joy and satisfaction to me when they experience a shift in their perspectives, thereby enabling fresh passion, hope and inspiration to be injected into their lives and businesses."

We have devoted a significant part of our lives to pursuing dreams. Pursuing dreams is an exciting adventure. There may be obstacles or even failures along the way. However, on this journey, you will get to keep and savour all the memories, relationships and experiences that has been built along the way.

Just about a week ago, we were at Capitol Piazza, catching up with friends, when we came across an exhibition that pays tribute to our Founding Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. One of his quotes caught our attention. In his own words, he said: "There's a glorious rainbow that beckons those with the sporty of adventure. And there are rich findings at the end of the rainbow"

Capitol Piazza, Nov 2015

Artwork can be viewed on http://www.wordyourstory.com/rememberinglky/

If Mr Lee has left a great legacy chasing after a few rainbows, perhaps you and I might just find some treasures or a few pots of gold at the end of your journey. We seek to play a part in fulfilling your dreams. Should our paths cross, we desire to be a blessing to you and your business. 

- Sam & Bili