The Importance of Values

As a business owner, have you ever questioned the importance of growing your business based on values that you personally embrace? After all, most businesses tend to be driven by profits and for organisations that do have values enshrined, a large number are not being led by them anyway. 


Here is our take on why having values and living by them are important to an organisation:

1. Values define and govern attitudes and behaviour within the organisation

Honesty and integrity are key traits which people consciously look out for. Values provide a moral direction for employees to interact with customers. Internally, employees will know what to expect when they interacting with one another. For those who abide by and promote the values successfully, affirmation and reward will follow. The creation of a sense of certainty will result in a positive working culture being forged in the long run.  

2. Values promotes trust

Having a set of values is a way of telling others what to expect when they work with you. If the company and management is true to their word, it will strengthen the relationship and trust between the organisation and its key partners. 

3. Values acts as a compass in the search of finding the right partners and employees

This is one of the most important reason to have a set of values. Knowing what is important to you as a leader will help you identify the right people to work with. When each party is working with a common set of values, it will help to reduce conflicts and result in a strong working relationship with one another.