More than a Business Consultant

Over the past couple of years, we have heard many challenges that our clients regularly face in the journey of growing their business. Some of them were being recorded in the article we wrote earlier this year about "Bridging the Gaps". As a team, we are constantly on the lookout to provide greater value to our clients and we have refined and expanded our service offerings to better meet the needs of the target audience that we are intending to work with. 

Many of our friends, colleagues, partners and clients would probably have already heard about our vision and value proposition of wanting to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. Our recent engagements and conversations with SMEs has reinforced our belief that they do require a strategic partner to come alongside them in the journey of growth. 

So here are 7 areas where we are positioning ourselves to be more than just a "consultant". 

1. Businesses require help in both areas - Strategic Planning AND Execution

For businesses to grow, they would naturally require inputs and assistance from external parties (e.g. business/leadership coaches, consultants, mentors, strategic partners and the list goes on). The role of a coach/consultant helps business owners frame their plans and problems into a better perspective and also act as a partner to grow alongside them. More often than not, after hiring a consultant, the company would be looking to make some changes based on the recommendations made by the consultant. This may involve revamping their website, engage in digital marketing, re-organise their HR structure, reviewing their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) etc. 

While some business are able to afford hiring consultants, majority are not able to hire consultants AND execute the recommendations given. 

Our Proposition: We bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. 

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2. We are accountable to the recommendations made based on the results achieved

Are you convinced about the recommendations given by your consultants? How about testing out some of the recommendations and see if they actually work?

Businesses today are adapting to the fast pace and dynamic environment of the digital world. Therefore, strategy and solutions need to be constantly re-aligned to move in sync with customer demands. As a result, it is almost a given requirement that we will have to make the necessary changes to the strategy and action plan along the way. 

Our proposition: Recommendations and solutions that we offer are being tested, tweaked and improvised over time to ensure that results achieved for our clients are being maximised.

3. There is consistency across the process of strategic planning and overall execution

Ever encountered the problem of repeating your instructions to multiple point of contacts in multiple agencies? Ever had the problem of trying to share your strategy or campaign directions with your vendors?

Our Proposition: We provide a one-stop solution - helping to coordinate and manage the project/campaign

4. Running marketing campaigns seems to be the hardest thing to do. Are you searching for answers to the questions below?

  • Have you ever been exasperated trying to find multiple agencies to run a marketing campaign for you?
  • Have you been overwhelmed by the need to coordinate all the marketing efforts?
  • Have you been left clueless about the bombastic terms used by agencies?
  • Have you been left hanging without an explanation on why your marketing campaign was not successful?

Our Proposition: Our clients are able to save time and resources - there is no need to for them to assign a project manager or coordinator to manage the projects/campaigns with multiple agencies. We happen to be BOTH your consultant AND project manager. 

5. We plan and save resources for your business

Do not have enough cash flow to build a strategic plan, execute marketing campaigns, hire more staff, buy more machines? Not sure which initiative to execute first?

Our proposition: We help you to prioritise initiatives and save resources by tapping into our internal network of experts for advice and solutions. 

6. Businesses need support

Businesses (especially startups and SMEs) require strong support in diverse/multiple areas. Perhaps internally there might be a lack in expertise in some areas and you are not able to hire the right person at the right time at the right price. 

Our Proposition: We have a network of consultants and specialists to provide training, advice, solutions and even fill in the positions in the interim while your company builds up/hire the expertise required. 

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7. We walk the journey with you

Because building a business does not happen overnight and sustaining/growing a business takes a lifetime. Forming partnerships and alliances will help to strengthen your business.  

Our Proposition: We intend to build long term relationships with the objective of growing together with you. 


If some of these value propositions that we offer resonates with you or you would like to seek advice for your business, please feel free to get in touch with us at or submit the current challenges that you face through clicking on the link below. We look forward to hear from you!