In 2003, Sam and Bili first met each other at a school project meeting while pursuing their degree in business school. 

We started off as friends and projected partners but soon we fell in love with each other. We found great joy in working together as a team and it became our dream to extend this partnership into the business world. However, over the next 12 years, the business partnership was put on hold as we pursued our individual careers. 

the symbols of eternity, May 2011

After more than 7 years of dating, we had finally decided to take our partnership to the next stage of life. On 21 May 2011, we officially became life partners. Our journey continued as we begin to build our marriage and home. 



birth of our daughter, rachelle, december 2014

One of the our biggest projects to date involves the nurturing and raising of a champion and world-changer. On 15 Dec 2014, we experienced one of the greatest moments in our lives through witnessing the birth of our beloved daughter, Rachelle. Since then, the role of parenting has brought us on a journey of discovery, growth and joy. 


beginning of an era, november 2015

After being full time parents for more than 10 months, Samantha Hoong & Partners LLP was established on 1 November 2015. This significant milestone marked the extension of our partnership from the home front into the business and professional arena. 


acquisition of digital marketing capabilities

Between the months of May to July 2017, we took a huge step towards fulfilling our vision through the acquisition of KACE Digital and forging a key strategic alliance with Avernor Pte Ltd. We are now equipped to help our clients grow not just through providing consulting services, but at the same time, we are able to plan and execute marketing campaigns to help them increase brand awareness and revenue through digital marketing channels.